Neighbors Gather To Help A Dog Who Was Abused By Owner

It all started in a condo complex in Houston, there was a dog on the porch and the neighbors say that the animal was being mistreated by his owner, the story was seemingly a simple one, but as it turns out it was not so simple and took few unexpected turns!

An animal rescue called “Second Chance Rescue” wrote about the situation in detail on their Facebook page, and along the way caused a wildfire in the wind kind of effect on social media. Animal lovers and alike called, unsurprisingly, for someone to step in and save the dog.

Amber Cammack, who was revealed to be a private investigator, posted details about how she had seen that there was a dog with what looked like a wire, some believed it to be a telephone wire, wrapped around its muzzle, with a diaper duct-taped to his rear end.

She told everyone that a neighbor had been complaining to the owner of the dog and that he was left on the porch for three days, that during this time the dog’s urine had been dripping on the neighbor’s head. Then all of a sudden the next day the dog was seen with a diaper on his hindquarters.

The Neighbors allegedly said that the ‘phone cord’ was tied around his mouth and nose and that the reason was he was whining too much, then after that, a rubber band was around his mouth.

animal rescue

The Facebook post says:

“Today, they were ‘decent’ enough to replace the phone cord with a thick rubber band”

A lady climbed up the side of the condo, so it was said, to take photos of the dog on the porch to post to Facebook, along with the owner’s private address. Her name was Cammack and she says that she did this because the Harris County Sheriff’s Office paid no attention to her plea’s to help the dog!

The post she made went completely viral, it outraged many ma,y people, especially animal lovers and lead to her being arrested, all be it briefly, when she flat refused to remove the Facebook post.

The condo resident repeatedly called the police and voiced their concern for the animal, but the authorities said there wasn’t enough evidence to bring charges.

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Finally, after a lot of noise from the residents of the condo a vet was brought to examine the dog, as were the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Animal Control, and need we say the sheriff’s deputies were there too, but after all this they decided that there was no evidence of abuse!

This is certainly not what people expected to happen or indeed what they wanted to see!

Brian Latham, director of communications at the SPCA:

“It wasn’t what we would consider an ideal situation …We don’t believe the dog had optimal care. But the evidence we saw does not meet the burden of proof under a state of Texas animal cruelty law.”

The dog, called June is apparently now back with her owner, yes, the one who used shoe string muzzles and a diaper on her dog! The owner’s brother, Christopher Whittaker, we now find out is only dog sitting for his sister….

Whittaker admitted to the news that tying a shoestring around the dog’s mouth was completely wrong but that he loves dogs and wouldn’t ever intentionally hurt an animal.

It all seems very strange and bizarre to me, and certainly doesn’t sound like I would ever like my dog to be there or any other dog for that matter!

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