Dog Abandoned In The Doghouse As Owners Get Evicted, She Is Heartbroken!

Some people house their dogs outside, and a home is better than no home, but I really love dogs and our lovely girl lives with us in the house and goes everywhere with us, but not everyone agrees, but things were about to get worse for this poor doggie…

She lived in the family yard in a dilapidated doghouse in the yard where her owners and family lived, things were going to change though and not for the best…

The family was being evicted from the house and their doggie, called Pamela was being left behind there in the doghouse, all on her own!

Janine Guido, the founder of the Speranza Animal Rescue in Mechanicsburg had her thoughts on the subject, pretty much like doggiescare and she wanted to tell everyone…

She said on their Facebook Page: “Ever wonder what a dog with a broken heart looks like?”


She also posted a photo which showed Pamela peering out of the little house, blissfully unaware that the little she had, her house, was going to be taken away!

Then she wrote:

“This is where she has lived. For eight long years … it’s all she has ever known.”

Janine had been tipped off by a local shop owner that the dog would now be going to be made homeless, at least one kind person cared about the poor dog enough to take action and call somebody that could help!

The guy that was being evicted turned up, loaded Pamela into Janine’s car but really not in a nice way, like he didn’t care…


Janine wrote:

“He just shut the door and went back into the house to collect his belongings.”

The poor doggie was really petrified about the whole ordeal and all the changes in her life that were happening now, it was all terrifying to her.

She just cowered in the crate and tucked her tail right up between her legs, growling softly to tell everyone she was scared and very unhappy.

Janine wrote:

“While she doesn’t have physical wounds, hers are emotional …And those are the hardest ones to heal.”

Janine had helped even the most terrified and worst emotionally scared dogs get through things and be happy again, she knew Pamela needed time, patience, and lots of love!

She took Pamela to the veterinarian, she needed to get it right from the beginning and the health of Pamela was paramount before anything else, she had been loving in filth outside her dilapidated little house after all, but the sores could be treated!

Janine wrote:

“When I talk to her she just shakes in fear,” Guido wrote. “Her whole body just trembles … Just the look in her eye is breaking my heart.”

Just days after though Pamela was kissing Janine’s face, the doggie that loved outside her entire life was responding to love and care, she was realizing that the changes that made her feel so scared were now making her feel awesome!!

Pamela was loving but st first still a little shy and wary, but after a few lovely walks with Janine she really came round, she felt safe and happy…

Janine wrote:

“This morning on our walk, she literally stuck right beside me, never moving more than a foot away …Every five or 10 steps she would look back at me, jump up and put her legs around my waist. When I knelt down, she began kissing my face. Almost as if saying, ‘I’m OK now.’ These are the moments you live for.”


This doggie had really made super fast progress, but nevertheless, it’s still really important to make sure that no one rushed her, keeps the steady and loving things going until she really is fully comfortable and won’t get spooked so easy.

Janine said finally:

“She will be fully vetted and hang with us ’til we get to know all her likes and dislikes …But we’re hoping she will be ready for a family in the near future.”

From us Pamela, we are so happy you are going to get to live the life you deserve and really hope you find a loving and forever home!

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