What One Owner Does To His Dog With A Chain Is Unforgivable! – Caught On Video

This video is quite disturbing and quite rightly so it has attracted a lot of attention, we can really understand why that is, see for yourself…

This video really went viral with over six million views and causing many people to feel completely angry and in a state of disbelief.

The video show this dog left chained to a scarily short lead every single day, all day long in the sweltering heat of the day.

It was posted online by a neighbor of the dog’s owner, they live in the city of Lucena, which is in the northern Philippine Calabarzon province.

The poor doggie is completely isolated and stuck in the hot sun of the day, not even able to lie down because the lead attached to the wall is too short for that even!

The dog, who is long haired if left panting and struggling to get through every single day, the poor creature must feel so bad every single day stick like that, not even any water to drink.

There is possibly nothing that could be more inhumane about this whole affair, we hope that the owner equally feels the hand of the law catch him and bring justice!

The video was originally posted online by the neighbor Nemie Zaballero Caruruca, who took the video from his roof, he said that he had tried to free the animal himself, but the collar had been locked on to the dog with a padlock!

He was only able to put a piece of wood over the dog to provide some shade and put a bucket there to support the poor animal and try to give some relief…

In a Facebook post he wrote:

“This is our neighbor’s poor dog. I don’t know how you can chain up a dog on a hot afternoon like this day after day. As far as I’m concerned if you can’t take care of the animal, just give it away, or better still trade positions with the dog and see how you like it.”

The video had over 70,000 comments with almost 70,000 shares too, the video has been watched an incredible 6 million times…

See the full story below:

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