Dumped Dog Found Discarded, Starved In The Mountains, Owner Said She Died Two Years Ago?

Many of us have had pets and occasionally, due to the circumstances of life, we give them to others to care for because maybe we are unable to care for them anymore. We try to find them a good loving home, and sadly move on, but what happened, in this case, was quite incredible…

A lovely doggie called Edna was living in the mountains, all by herself, her owner had got rid of her and left her to fend for herself, but she was not able to fend for herself and was starving, how she got in this position is quite astonishing!

It was a good Samaritan that called the organization ‘Hope for Paws’, thank goodness, to tell them that they had seen a stray dog who really needed help up in the mountains, ‘Hope for Paws’ really was her last chance to live with her condition.

There had been several attempts to try to save her in the past, by Animal control, but previous times they weren’t successful. This time though, she was very keen to nibble on pieces of burgers that the rescuers tempted her with.

Edna was in fact microchipped, but it was her previous owner that had given her away, the new owner had told her that Edna died, two years ago!


Edna, as we know hadn’t died at all she had been dumped, it’s so incredible that she actually survived for two years by herself, she was a real fighter, she will be a great dog for a kind, loving owner!

Sadly, Edna’s first owner, the one she was registered to on her microchip, didn’t want her back and asked if Hope for Paws could find her a new home. Doggies 911 helped out there and re-homed this lovely dog.

Even though Edna had the fight to survive each day for two years, that hardship has ended.

Now in foster care, just a few weeks later, with her new mom, getting belly rubs, she looked like a dog renewed!

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