Disabled Dog Was Ignored By Everyone – That’s When He Met Paolo!

When we came upon this story about a disabled dog, we knew it was something that had to be shared with all of you.

The life of a disabled dog isn’t glamorous. Because no human wants to take care of you and your disabilities, you’re neglected. As a result, most disabled dogs end up at animal shelters.

For this particular disabled dog, however, she was about to meet an unlikely savior.

According to owner Felice Caputo, the 1-year-old Anatolian shepherd was born with wobbler syndrome. It is a spinal condition that gives her a shaky gait and makes it painful to stand.

As a result, Kolima spends most of the day crouching, even though, as a puppy, she’d rather “play and rock the world.”

disabled dog

Kolima is a dog suffering from wobbly syndrome; a condition that prevents Kolima from growing at the same rate as the other puppies in her litter.

As a result, Kolima is unable to walk comfortably on her own and she’s constantly in pain. That’s when Kolima met Paolo.

Now Paolo isn’t a human nor a dog. In fact, Paolo is a donkey. You may be wondering what kind of relationship a dog and donkey could have.

Well, you’ll be surprised to hear that Paolo the donkey has adopted Kolima as his own and the two of them interact like they’re best friends when they’re together.

“After an initial moment of indifference, Paolo saw Kolima’s difficulties and took her under his wing,” writes Caputo. “The only time of day Kolima finds the energy to stand up and play is when I take her to Paolo.”

“I thought I adopted a puppy,” writes Caputo, “but every day it becomes clearer that she was adopted by my donkey.”

Watch the video below to witness this heartwarming relationship. I hope you have your tissues ready.

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