Neighbors Give To Can Drive So Disabled Boy Can Receive Service Dog!

Jackson is a three-year-old little boy living with cerebral Palsy. CP is a neurological disorder that affects body movement and muscle coordination and sometimes, behavior.

Jackson uses a walker he doesn’t like; his mother says he thinks he’s getting in the way with it. It’s becoming dangerous for him.

On top of this, Jackson is treated differently by those around him, she says. he sometimes has trouble sleeping at nights too.

Can you blame him? He has a tough time, especially after receiving Botox injections in his legs.

His mother wrote on Facebook:

“Some momma snuggles after his Botox treatments. This was our first round and momma cried with him.  It just broke my heart watching them stick him over and over in his leg muscles with that needle.”

To lessen the danger for the little boy, his family has decided Jackson will get a service dog. The catch? Children his age usually don’t qualify. They must be at least ten-years-old.

Jackson was put on a waiting list with four other children who are searching for a service dog to meet their own challenging needs.

This process doesn’t come cheap, and his insurance won’t cover the cost of a service animal. The minimum amount needed is $15,000.

There’s only one income for their household, and no guarantee Jackson will receive a dog until he’s of the right age. His family wanted to be certain the little boy would indeed have a service dog.

service dog

Uncertain of what to do, Jackson’s mom had a brilliant idea–have a can drive to raise the money for her son.

Michigan is one state that allows its residents to recycle their soda and beer cans and bottles. For every item recycled, $0.10 is paid out.

Jackson’s family created a flyer. to have 300 copies made, it would’ve cost them $30. The generous manager at their local UPS store told them to donate this money to their cause.

Jackson’s mother expressed her gratitude on her son’s Facebook page that has been created to share his journey:

“There are so many people out there helping us make this happen for Jaxon… we love you all! Thank you again!”

The flyers were sent out to all their neighbors. Jackson’s mom didn’t know how much the community would contribute to her son’s cause; but she had a lot of hope.

One local neighbor said that everyone is like family, so why not help Jackson out. This hope paid off. Since Thursday, June 29th, Jackson’s mom has recycled approximately 17,000 cans and bottles.

Can after can, bottle after bottle, this number is growing. So far, these recycled items add up to approximately $1,700. Members of the local community have also made monetary donations.

In all, Jackson is $6,000 closer to getting his dog. Speaking about the overwhelming support by others, the little boy’s mother became emotional: “It’s heartwarming to see all this support for Jackson.”

Jackson is well on his way to receiving beau, the puppy recently born that has been found for him. Beau will need to be trained how to help Jackson. This will most definitely cost more money.

Jackson’s family will have vet bills and other expenses related to his care and training that will need to be covered in the future. The family though, is looking forward to the August day when the puppy will be there’s.

They are still collecting cans and bottles. To help out, you can follow Jackson’s journey on Facebook or you can make a donation to his Go Fund Me Page.

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