Dire Consequences for A Dog Left On A Fire Escape For Several Hours In Heat

Our dogs are precious to us, but some people don’t seem to care or don’t think so carefully about the consequences of what they do with their dogs, this could just be one of those cases, sadly the dog died!

This guy left his dog on the fire escape outside on Sunday, the temperature outside was really hot reaching nearly 100 degrees.

The guy in question has since been charged because the dog sadly died because of his actions that day…

The Guy, Jonathan Correa, 29, was not at his home that day when the neighbors found his dog unconscious.

The Brick police made a statement that officers did their best and rushed the dog to the veterinary hospital as fast as they could…

The Dog referred to as a “Cane Corso-type” dog was female and during the hours of Tuesday morning passed away, it was too late for her…

Police said that when they arrived on the scene that neighbors trying desperately to help the dog, she was “unconscious and in severe distress”…

It was a result of her owner leaving her on the fire escape for several hours on her own while he was out!

Two of the officers, that were K9 officers tried to cool her down with water straight away, they wrapped her in wet towels and rushed her to the Jersey Shore Veterinary Hospital in Lakewood.

Police said:

“The dog was evaluated and treated throughout the night for life-threatening injuries …Unfortunately, the dog’s condition deteriorated and she succumbed to its injuries early Tuesday morning.”

The owner has received a summons for charges of failing to provide necessary care to an animal or living creature, exposing an animal to adverse weather conditions, failing to provide a shelter of the proper size, failing to obtain a dog license.

We hope that she received the justice that she deserves and that people will take heed and really look after their dogs with great care and responsibility.

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