Devastated As Fire Surrounds Him, He Takes Refuge In An Oven For Days!

Wildfire is certainly a hot and powerful force of nature, it’s like an act of god how it rips through everything in its path, but one dog survives it…

Rescue workers are amazed and astonished about how this one dog survived the wildfires in Greece.

He took refuge in an oven, it was an outdoor oven, the poor doggie was really scared stiff when they found him, he was paralyzed with fear, quite literally!

His name is Loukoumakis he was found in what remained of Mati, a town that was all almost wiped completely off the map by the raging fires.

Hiding in a Brick build hollow, just behind a garden barbecue area, the furnace-like fires ripped the ground around him and everything in its path, it killed 91 people and was one of Greece’s worse natural disasters imaginable.

The poor pooch was singed by the fires and had some difficulty breathing too when they found him, but considering the raging fires it really was a miracle!

Diana Topali, looking after him, said:

“Even its eyelashes are burnt, I wonder how this dog survived”

One of the animal rescue volunteers, Artemis Kyriakopoulou, found this doggie as she was trying to get access to one of the gardens.

She tempted him out of his fire pit hideout with a juicy tin of lovely dog meat, he was really hungry after his terrible encounter.

She said:

“I saw there was something like an (outdoors) oven, and I figured if anything were alive, it would be in there”

She also told the news that hundreds of pets are believed to have perished that terrible day, the true numbers are hard to imagine.

Named such by the local vet, Loukoumakis, is thought to be a local stray, around four years old…

Topali, a fosterer, said:

“He just looked like a burnt shaggy rug”

Now this wonderful doggie is groomed to perfection, on antibiotics and making a gradual but sure recovery, fostered by Topali, until a forever home is found for him.

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