Dog’s face and the desperate look in his eyes plead for help

Chester is the tragic face of dog fighting. The desperate look in his eyes pleaded for help.

Surely the monsters who subjected this innocent victim to this hell never loved a dog, never cared. Odds are he was used as a bait dog in dog fighting

And on Thursday afternoon, a rescue volunteer walked into a rural Texas shelter and knew Chester deserved more than an untimely death.

From the moment the rescuer entered the dog’s kennel, he slowly approached her as he left a trail of blood behind him.

dog fighting

For once in a long, long time, Chester felt a soft human touch, and then he slowly retreated back into the corner of his cage and began to lick and tend to his wounds.

When contacted, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up; co-founder Stacey Silverstein explained the situation on the organization’s Facebook page.

dog fighting

She could not refuse to help:

“He had lived through this before, injured with puncture wounds from dog fighting. Chester was covered in blood. He was covered in scars. His body told us his past and through his eyes showed us his pain.”

dog fighting

Chester has been rushed in for emergency medical treatment. Let’s hope this poor dog survives.

Short video can be viewed here:

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