Deputies Reassure Two Scared Pit Bulls, Apparently Left In The Streets

Imagine this, on the Streets of Florida, two pit bulls sadly left to their own devices and to scavenge food.

A guy who was walking past had seen police officers looking after the pit bulls and took a picture. The officers were looking after the dogs that were discovered there, in the streets of Orlando, until backup could arrive.

Shortly after, the Orange County deputies of the Sheriff’s department arrived and went to help the two scared and nervous dogs.

The Sheriff’s Department of Orange County made an announcement on their Facebook Page to say that two of their deputies (Squad 10 of Sector 4) had discovered the adorable and kind natured dogs Thursday morning, very early.

It’s such a shame that one of the dogs had sustained an injury, but maybe even worse, they were both petrified. A kind gentleman called Adam, gave the Sheriff’s Dept. the pictures he took of Dept. Reed and Dept. Boggs making friends with and reassuring the dogs.

Adam also shared on Facebook that, in fact, both of the police deputies looked after the two dogs until the moment Animal Services could arrive and begin treating the injury on one of the dog’s bleeding leg.

Adam was very happy to share about how he got the pictures and that how it really gives us a little insight into the kind natures of the deputies.

Without any doubt, I do think that not only does this show the kind nature of these officers of the law but it gives us a clear picture of how these pit bulls are not the dangerous and savage animals they are portrayed to be.

Both of these amazing animals are safe and sound and being looked after at the Animal Services at Orange County. The beautiful pair has been aptly named Liberty and Justice.

The Animal Services says that the both dogs are responding well, and since they first arrived they are more relaxed, and not scared at all. Now they are going to be ready for adoption, very soon, but in the meantime, they are getting much Tender-Loving-Care from all the staff.

I really think that the reports of these dogs being savage and aggressive only shows that people can’t look after the dogs appropriately and in actuality, they are just gentle kind animals that, with the right kind of care and love, are simply amazing!

Thank you to all who put the hard work to bring these animals to where they are now, share away people!

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