Depressed Puppy Was Thrown Out Of The Car, A Stranger Slams On The Brakes And Saves Him


It’s hard to believe that anyone out there could possibly do such a criminally insane thing; to a defenseless little and depressed puppy; but that’s the way things are sometimes.

And for a little depressed puppy named Buddy, it seemed as if his luck was completely over. Imagine you’re driving down the road, when suddenly the car ahead of you begins to swerve a bit.

Traffic is all moving at a decent clip when something strange starts happening. It seems as if someone is pushing something big and fluffy out of the window.

Seconds later, it becomes horrifyingly clear: They’re about to throw an actual living dog out of their window while driving down the highway.

As if abandoning a dog wasn’t bad enough; to do it in such a cruel and ugly fashion is truly one of the worst things we’ve ever heard of. It’s totally pointless, and really shows that this person needs to be placed behind bars.

Miraculously, the dog survived the initial plunge out of the window; and as he hit the pavement, he also somehow managed to avoid getting hit by any of the other cars; who were suddenly surprised with this horrible obstacle.

Drivers were forced to make the choice of swerving out of the way to avoid the dog(at the risk of losing total control of their car), or continuing straight and instantly killing the dog.

Thankfully, no one was hurt; and the dog was taken up into the arms of a total stranger and taken to an animal hospital.

Buddy has every right to be wary and fearful of humans, but after just six weeks of hard working and recuperation, you’ll be quite surprised to see what he’s looking like these days!

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