Depressed Dog Comes Out Of Shell With Love And Care !!

Depressed Dog Video … Barkley is a Shetland Shepard and Dachshund mix. The little guy was discovered wandering around a trailer park and was rescued by Daviess County Animal Shelter.

People in the community called the shelter after seeing Barkley running loose in the neighborhood. Shelter director Ashley Clark determined that his paws were infected and raw, his nails were overgrown, and his teeth and gums were rotting.

However, when they brought Barkley into the shelter, there was one thing about him that did not go unnoticed: he was depressed.

Completely terrified of his new environment, Barkley would face the wall all day long. He avoided human contact and would belly-roll whenever anyone tried to put a leash on him. He was totally unresponsive and motionless, even when they tried to give him food.

The team at Daviess County Animal Shelter did not give up on the dog. They approached him with the gentleness and care the pup needed. Two weeks later, Barkley has finally started to eat. He doesn’t hide from humans and has become the friendly dog that was always there inside of him.

“He’s relaxed a bit more,” Ashley told Inside Edition. “He doesn’t come to us wanting attention, but he doesn’t run from us either.”

Sometimes learning to trust isn’t easy when you’ve had it rough, but with a little patience and the right people, you can learn to love and be loved again!

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