Demand justice for 80 Great Danes who survived nightmarish conditions in makeshift puppy mill!

Recently, the Wolfeboro Police Department and The Humane Society of United States carried out the rescue of 84 Great Danes from a local puppy mill.

The dogs were kept in more than deplorable conditions, crowded in unsanitary cages and rooms. They were with no food or water, surrounded by dirt.

Luckily, the horrid reality of a life in a puppy mill is no longer theirs. All the dogs were moved to an animal shelter for necessary medical evaluations and treatment before becoming eligible for adoption.

The case, however, did not get a rightful closure. The 60-year-old Christina Fay, the “guardian” of the 84 Great Danes, has been charged only two misdemeanor counts for leaving her dogs in such appalling and unsafe conditions.

As it turns out, the puppy mill was not Fay’s first illegal undertaking. According to a Care2 petition, in 2015, the woman was caught running an unlicensed kennel across state lines in Maine.

Upon arriving in Fay’s New Hampshire house earlier this month, the rescuers found a picture of absolute squalor. They described it as “worse than anything you can put words to.”

Great Danes

The team was met with a stench of ammonia so strong it burned their eyes. Apparently, the floors were “covered in feces, raw chicken, and maggots.”

The dogs were severely malnourished and ill. Some of them were missing their paw pads while others suffered from a contagious virus. To add even more to the disturbing findings, witnesses now report having seen such an atrocious scene; as Fay stapling a dog’s wounds shut after the animal was injured.

In comparison to the gravity of the abuse that the animals were subjected to, the punishment of two misdemeanors is far from satisfactory or in any way just.

It will also most probably fail to succeed in stopping the puppy mill owner from committing similar crimes in the future.

This abuse has to be met with a penalty matching the weight of the deed itself – and which will send a clear message about the unacceptability of the crime to everyone.

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