Delivery Driver explodes on Instagram With Neighborhood Dogs

Meet Jay Hardesty… A UPS driver who loves dogs more than anything in the world!

This guy, thirty-years-old, called Hardesty, works in New Orleans, where he also lives, he works as a driver. His daily route takes him through an area largely populated with families.

Where there are families your invariably going to find dogs too, we are a nation of dog lover after all, but the pups weren’t always friendly…

Back in 2017 he took on a new route that then took him through a neighborhood that had a much younger demographic, there were even more dogs on this route, but this tile all the pups were really friendly.

So this delivery driver decided to share the photos of all the pups he met along his route over on his instagram page.

When you look at these photos ite easy to see why he is quickly gaining followers, we all love seeing these great photos he keeps taking!

This March 2019 a really popular author shared a link to his Instagram page, then after that the page really exploded!

Hardesty said that he gained about 10,000 followers overnight, now he had gone from a little hobby instagram to have over 50,000 followers, who all adore his pictures of New Orleans and dogs!

We love how he has followed a passion, and you can really see that he has a huge smile too in all of his photos, his happiness is simply addictive, and catching too!

Hardesty genuinely loves all the dogs on his route too, there are some too that has a special place in his heart, how adorable!

Oy and Bello, a couple of amazing Corigies, and siblings to each other, are well loved too as one of them always runs out to play with him, the other was a little shy at first, but with a little patience they both now love him!

This guy is cool, he decided that he will just post photos of dogs on a Friday, great thinking!!

He said about the owners:

“They love the fact that their dog loves me and I love them”

This is a genuinely lovely guy, don’t you agree? We would love to hear your comments… He doesn’t have his own dog persay, but he share in the joy of all these dogs he sees every day!

He also uses his instagram to share photos of buildings in the locality too, all through New Orleans the beautiful bright colors are just breathtaking!

No doubt at all to us that Hardesty is a kind and gentle guy, and has found a really awesome way to bring joy to the whole neighborhood, we only wish he was in our neighborhood too!!

Please spread the word, this guy deserves to keep growing, we love it!!

What do you think ?