Death row pit bull puppy gets last minute rescue as he is walking to be euthanized!

It’s a sad truth that there are many animals in shelters who don’t get the chance to find their forever home.

Due to space or the lack of resources, some animals have to be put down. But this pit bull managed to escape that fate at the last minute.

Meet Love Bug. This poor Pit Bull puppy was literally 2 minutes away from being euthanized.

He was being walked to the euthanasia chamber when Dr. Matt at Vet Ranch received a frantic call saying he was his only hope.

Pet Ranch stepped in to save him and provide him with some much needed treatment. When taken, Love Bug was discovered to have mange and some wounds on his face.

pit bull

After three months of baths, love and attention, Love Bug is doing better than ever, and is waiting for his forever family to show up and take him away.

He’s definitely a lot better than he was when Vet Ranch first found him, and it shows in how happy the little wiggle worm is.

He couldn’t be more grateful for their assistance on giving him a better chance at life.

Watch Love Bug’s transformation after 3 months!

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