“Dead” Dog At Dumping Ground, Completely Lifeless … Then Suddenly He Takes A Breath!


A terrible and infamous dumping ground for dogs, at least unwanted dogs, in Fort Worth, Texas is the scene for many heart-stopping images. Another one of these terrible events had a happy ending though…

Echo Lake Park, the dumping ground of unwanted dogs in Fort Worth was going to see something amazing this time as Judy Obregon steps in to save the day!

Judy has saved many dogs before in the past, as well as come across many sad scenes involving dogs too, but this time was going to be different…

A dog caught her eye, it looked lifeless, looked dead, she went to the dog, then all of a sudden she saw him take a breath, thankfully he was still alive!

Judy picked him up and took him to the vets as fast as she could, she was trying her level best to save his life, she didn’t know how long she had before it may have been too late!


Judy has been called the ‘dog lady’ and she actually runs an organization that rescues dogs, it’s called ‘The Abandoned Ones’.

She tries to give as many dogs as she can a fighting chance at life and a new loving forever home, many of these dogs seem to be dumped a the Echo Lake Park, it was once used by dog fighting rings, then the dogs were just left to die, how awful!


Judy made it her mission on life and her work to scan the place as often as she could for dogs she could save and rescue.

This latest arrival had been luckily saved, but he had a really long way to go to be back in health again, if he survives then he can start to look for a forever home, we hope he survives and finds it well…


The vet said that they think he had eaten something with poison on it, there are bags near that location that contain things poisonous to dogs so it was very likely.

Even though he was quite weak he could stand up with a little heal from the staff in the rescue center.

They called him Blue and as the days passed by he began to eat and drink water and get stronger each day, he was on the mend.

He was finally strong enough to go for a walk and things were looking much better for him now…


After all Blue had gone through he was still such a happy dog, he was so positive and friendly, we really hope he finds a loving home that he deserves!

The rescue center is now looking to get him strong in a foster hole then he will be ready to adopt, good luck Blue, your amazing!


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