Chained Up For 12 Years, Her Entire Life, Saved Just Days Before She Died

We love our dogs, but by really loving them, as we do, if we couldn’t care for them anymore we would let them go to a place where they could be cared for properly, right? Well, this isn’t always the case…

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) encountered this dog her owner straight away refused to give up the dog to them.

PETA, of course, visited the dog regularly to check things were all ok, check her over and give her some attention and a little love at the same time.

One time PETA visited they said that a field worker had noticed that the poor dog was a lot more lethargic than usual, in fact, she was so weak that she could not even stand up!

The worker looked at the dog and saw there were health problems and was then able to persuade her original owner to give up the dog to them, at last.

The doggie, called Miss Willie, was wheezing and coughing terribly, they took her straight to the vet to discover that she had an advanced case of heartworm and fluid was building up on her lungs.

She had many problems as an aging pooch, but with her health problems and age, Miss Willie was only given just a few short weeks to live, poor girl.

The rescue really wanted her to have some special time, love and care before it was the end for her, so they made a bucket list for her.

Over the passing two weeks, she had a long party, a pizza night, a canoe ride, a day at the beach, even a massage and she had a lovely soft bed inside for the first time to sleep on.

She went over the rainbow bridge very peacefully just 16 days after she left her former home, but they really made the most of her last two weeks, how incredibly sweet and sad too…

After this poor doggie had endured a lifetime of neglect she, albeit in the last two weeks, had a party and got to do all the things that a doggie should, we only wished she would have had more time, bless her!

PETA Senior Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch said:

“We are grateful to have been able to give Miss Willie a joyful final chapter after the lifetime of neglect that she endured”

“This story shows exactly why PETA is so committed to banning continuous tethering of dogs everywhere, including in Halifax County, where this poor dog languished for over a decade.”

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