Dangerous Craze Sweeps Across USA and Europe, Dogs Beware!

All too often there is a new terrible danger spreading across the United States and even Europe, it’s a dangerous trend that is becoming a real problem for all dog owners and stray dogs alike all over the world…

As much as we love our four-pawed friends there are some people that really do not, some even detest dogs, but their reasoning about why, we really don’t understand that at all, because there is no reasoning to justify it!

This sad sight you see in the first video below is another case of poisoning, some small groups of people that leave poison in food on the street for dogs to find…

This terrible craze is sadly on the increase, and sweeping the world over, people are leaving these fatal concoctions of poison and glass with meat with the intention to cause death to dogs.

This case in Macedonia was videoed, then within 10 minutes people were on the street to help the dog, watch the second video, they really jumped to action to help this poor dog.

This amazing team people really helped this dog and saved another life from the evil of this terrible craze.

We urge anyone and everyone that owns a dog, and even people that don’t, to watch out for such poisoned packages, if you see them, please alert authorities or your local police.

These great team of people really don’t have the help they need and can even be attacked in the street, they should be praised for all their wonderful efforts.

We hope that the evil people that do such things receive their just rewards, maybe if they have not been caught yet then Karma will at least catch the one day.

What do you think ?