More damning video – men in shark dragging video may have history of abuse

The jovial men seen laughing as they mercilessly dragging a shark behind a speeding boat may have a history of abusing wildlife. According to Friday’s New York Post, additional photos and video have surfaced and the images are stomach-churning.

A recently discovered video shows a shark (dead or alive, no one can tell) being used as a beer bong. The video, which was posted earlier this year, shows a man drinking beer that has been poured through the gills of a Hammerhead shark.

According to WFLA News, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has confirmed that at least one of the men in the recently discovered video is also in the recent viral shark-dragging video which sparked an investigation.

Amazingly, the Wildlife Commission is aware of the past images of alleged cruelty, but they have done nothing about it.

The FWC stated, “We are aware of the photographs. An investigation was opened and no charges were made before the case was ultimately closed in January 2017.”

ABC Action News has identified Michael Wenzel as the man who is driving the boat in the viral shark dragging video. The News Agency reached out to FWC to see if they would confirm that Wenzel is the man in the “beer bong” video – their response:

The FWC wont be identifying any of the individuals in videos while there is an open and active investigation.  I can say that investigators are looking at all submitted material to determine if any other violations have occurred, or if they are images that have been previously investigated.

Other photos recently discovered show a variety of animals who appear to have been abused in some way, shape, or form.

One image shows men pouring beer into a grouper’s mouth, another shows a man holding a dog (with a caption indicating that the dog is to be used as shark bait), and yet another photo shows a giant white pelican being held by three men.

A petition, asking for charges and arrests to be made, has garnered thousands of signatures (click here to read more). Prior article about the shark dragging video can be found at this link.

(Images screenshots via WFLA News and NY Post)

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