Dad captures adorable puppy farting so loudly, he wakes himself up in a fright!

Dogs are so easily amused, but if you think about it, we’re pretty easily amused by them too.

When you see a adorable puppy, you perceive it as just a cute little fur ball. Even if we see them from miles away, we’ll most likely speed walk to touch them, as if they’re magic. After all, they kind of are, right?

They have the power to make us happy and want to cuddle, or make us take them home right away. I guess that’s their little superpower. Apparently, this puppy has another superpower… or super force, you might say.

His dad records the pup as he sleeps, and you clearly know the dad’s obsessed with his pooch. However, the video is not just an admiration of his dog’s beauty. He seems to know his pet very well, and he’s just waiting for the main act to begin.

As the dog sleeps, the pup suddenly lets out a huge fart. And because it comes from this tiny body, even the doggy is in shock!

He wakes himself up from his nap with his own fart and looks around, so confused at what just happened.

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It’s absolutely hysterical and adorable, and I think it might even be relatable for some women out there with gassy husbands or pets.

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