Cruel owner stabs poodle 19 times. She makes stunning recovery after rescuers shower her with love

The ten-year-old poodle Frannie was found bleeding at a church after she was brutally stabbed 19 times with a knife by her previous owner.

Against all expectations, the poodle Frannie made a full recovery only a month later and has also found herself a forever home.

A county police officer found Frannie when he was responding to a call regarding an incident with a person who had a mental illness at a church.

When he found the dog bleeding to death, he immediately called the Humane Society of Missouri’s Animal Cruelty Task Force.

The poodle mix dog was immediately taken in, was cared for and was also given protective custody.


The doctors found out that the poodle was tragically stabbed nineteen times in the neck, back, and chest areas.

Not only was Frannie suffering from physical pain and serious blood loss, she was also severely in shock.


The veterinarians at the rescue organization quickly treated Frannie with a bunch of IV fluids, antibiotical medication, and painkillers.

It was unsure if Frannie would make it, but her determination kept Frannie breathing.

The first-responder and the police officer that found Frannie was absolutely thrilled to hear about Frannie’s spectacular recovery. He has decided to adopt the pup, now capable of happily running around again.


Once Frannie is fully healed and recovered, the family will officially adopt Frannie and welcome her into a warm home. A rescue with a heartwarming end!

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