Facing Inhumanity Everyday, He Wandered The Streets Alone Mouth Bound With Crude Wire – Finally Saved!

I could never be an animal rescuer, I wouldn’t be able to handle seeing dogs or cats suffering. I would be so angry and so sad all at once.

The abused dog pulled from the streets of Tijuana by an independent rescuer.

Dwayne’s most recent past included desperate scrounging for food while cruel local residents (disgusted by his deformities) threw scalding hot water and stones at him.

Upon further investigation, his rescuer discovered that Dwayne’s original owner.

He had bound his mouth with a crude wire-muzzle and regularly kicked him and beat him with sticks, he was serving jail time for an unrelated offense.

Without an owner, the dog was left to wander the streets alone, facing more of man’s terrible inhumanity.

Already beaten and broken, Dwayne was further wounded when he was attacked by two large breed dogs who caused severe head injuries and nearly removed his ears.

abused dog

His life had been hard, but he had survived, and an independent rescuer took him off the streets!

Dwayne needs a specialist to repair his severely malformed front leg and elbow, and a facial reconstruction surgery.

abused dog

Helen Woodward Animal Center in Fairbanks Ranch, California has taken abused dog in and named him Dwayne, The Rock!

Helen Woodward Animal Center has been helping animals in San Diego County for more than 40 years!

abused dog

They are a no-kill non-profit group that relies on donations to run, consider sending some love their way!

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