After The Crash He Spent 10 Hours In The Car with Him – Saved His Life!

One wonderful thing about dogs is their amazing ability to not only be faithful but to display that faithfulness in many and varied ways, one amazing example of this is shown to us by this one car in a car crash…

This guy says that his beloved dog is the only reason that he is still alive right now, how amazing it that!

He spent around ten hours trapped in his truck, he was deep in the woods and suffering a concussion.

Charles Bailey was not only suffering from a concussion but he had fallen foul of a weird blackout at the wheel of his car on his way through New Waterford. His truck had crashed into a telephone pole and then rolled right over onto the roof multiple times before coming to a halt in the woods, just out of sight of the passing traffic.

He woke up and was in a Halifax Hospital bed, he was recovering from a hemorrhage on the brain, quite a serious injury, to say the least!

beloved dog

Bailey sad to the news:

“The whole situation is a lot to swallow, even still.”

He doesn’t have any memory of the incident or how he got there, something that is quite common in those situations.

Bailey’s mother Annie said that Bailey’s dog is the real reason that he is alive today, the star of this incident is this doggie; without a doubt!

Annie told the news:

“The dog is the hero …He stayed with him the whole night. They said [his] arm was out in the cold in the snow, and the dog laid on his arm to keep it warm.”

Bailey was upside down in his truck, suspended by his seat belt, his beloved dog, called Dallas, was of course by his side, Dallas had his back that day…

Bailey said:

“They had to cut [my] arm up because of all the pressure from the blood …I got third-degree frostbite on my right foot and a small fracture in one of my discs in my spine.”

Someone spotted the dog running along the side of the nearby road, close to the damaged vehicle, the dog lead them to the vehicle and literally saved his life!

Bailey said:

“My dog is my best friend …He always was.”

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