Couple Outraged After Their Dog Is Seized Unlawfully And Put To Sleep

When we leave our dogs in the yard we never stop for one moment to think that we could be losing them forever, well who would, but that is what happened here…

Dyson, a thin 10-years-old-dog was left by his owner, Lindsey Glowney, in their backyard with some water, it was, as she said, a perfect afternoon!

Lindsey nor her hubby, called Josh, where to see Dyson alive ever again, little did they know…

Their dog was seized by the animal control officers after a neighbor called them, they kept the dog for five days and then euthanized him, the poor boy, he didn’t even know what was happening!

The animal control didn’t enter into any meaningful conversation with the couple, we are dumbfounded, so we can’t imagine at all how the couple felt!

The couple was also prosecuted in court for misdemeanor animal cruelty/neglect, they pleaded ‘no contest’ and were found guilty, their case is now going to appellate court.

Since then, and more recently, the couple has filed a civil lawsuit that alleges 20 counts, these include constitutional violations, trespassing, negligence, invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress and other tort type complaints too.

The couple’s attorney, Paul Leonard, said:

“I asked the County Commissioners to please investigate Dyson’s killing long before the lawsuit was filed”

“I didn’t even receive the courtesy of a reply. The Board of Trustees, which is supposed to provide oversight, is inept. The administration of ARC is dishonest.”

The court’s county attorneys Collin Showe and Anne Jagielski didn’t return messages that were left asking for their comments and the complaint has not been answered in court documents either.

Greg Flannagan, a spokesperson for the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office, said:

“From the information that we have, the Montgomery County Resource Center and its employees acted properly and according to the law with respect to the disposition of the dog, which clearly was of poor health, malnourished, and neglected”

The couple said that Dyson started losing weight previously and they took him to a vet as any dog owner would…

Leonard noted his clients were told that older dogs can lose muscle mass and weight, by the vet of course.

Leonard said:

“Dyson was eating all meals, was active and playful, and showed no evidence of pain or suffering”

He also said the dog… “deserved to continue enjoying life.”

In the couple’s lawsuit, the defendants are named as the City of Kettering, police officer Shelly Davis, Kumpf, Kelly Meyer, Elizabeth Maimon, neighbor Deborah Smith and various others….

The complaint also goes on to say that Dyson’s body was being kept in an ARC freezer unit after there was an unauthorized necropsy performed on him.

Leonard said:

“Companion animals are someone’s personal property …Although those of us who are advocates on behalf of animals do not like the legal designation of personal property”

“…if that’s the law then we want people’s property handled with care, not killed, stuffed in a trash bag, and thrown away or stored in a freezer, which was Dyson’s fate.”

The person who actually made the complaint apparently called the police after they saw the thin dog, its described in their lawsuit that is when Davis went into the couple’s yard without a search warrant or permission!

This is the person who took the dog to the vet and then to the rescue center, these actions led to the terrible fate this dog had imposed on him.

It wasn’t like the dog was not microchipped, because he was, according to the couple and apparently dog owners have the right to contest a seizure and also to be afforded a court hearing within 10 days.

The suit also said that Davis had admitted to seizing over 200 dogs in her tenure, with Kettering police, and about 100 from private property, clearly without getting a search warrant, how awful, are they above the law?

A fatal combination of events led to this poor doggie losing his life for no good reason at all, surely these procedures are intended to protect animals, not abduct then euthanize them, are are shocked and dismayed!

What do you think ?