Couple’s Dog Died Suddenly, Amazingly 4 Weeks After 2 Dogs Come Into Their Lives

One the all time hardest things to go through is watching you loved dog pass away, but losing them suddenly without warning is even more painful, not even being prepared in any way for the inevitable to come so quickly is devastating!

Sadie was loved by her owners Kari Ceicys and her husband Ian, that, her owners were completely dedicated to their beloved sweet Sadie and built their lives and home all around having her there.

Kari said:

“My husband rescued her after she was dumped with her litter in New Orleans”

“She had severe injuries suggesting she was used as a bait dog. She was the sweetest soul and we essentially built our house around having a dog.”

Playing fetch one day Sadie started having difficulty breathing. They took her straight to the vet where they discovered a huge tumour in her chest.

Sadie, unfortunately, passed away before they could organize her to go to the theatre for the operation.

About four weeks later, Second Chance Rescuer in New York City had taken in two dogs. They were both skin and bone, but survived and very sweet natured despite the hard life they evidently had endured.

SCR wrote:

“After seeing their pictures, we raced to get them out of there”

“When they arrived at our vet partner, we were horrified at their condition but yet shocked at how friendly and loving they both were despite their obvious neglect.”

These two cuties were named Dexter and Rita and were recovering with the vet. The rescue centre previously had shared many photos of the two dogs and published stories about them and on social media too. They wanted to give them both a fighting chance to find a really great home with someone to love them!

All the hard work of publicising the two dogs had paid off because they had received so much online love and sure enough their storey reached far and wide.

Kari and her husband had seen their stories about four weeks after their dog Sadie had passed away.

Kari said:

“The very first time I saw the video, I knew that Sadie was bringing us these dogs from beyond the Rainbow Bridge to us, to live the life she loved so well”

“We knew these dogs were ours and we needed to step up and take them in. There was no way we were allowing them to be separated after they had been through so much.”

It was meant to be, Kari and Ian applied to adopt the two dogs, such a loving home they would receive with the couple.

After what seemed like a huge wait the dogs were released from the vet and they took them home!

SCR cried with joy when they saw the photos of Sadie in her new home, they wrote:

“We all cried happy tears seeing pictures of their arrival”

“This is what happiness looks like.”

The two dogs flourished and loved their new home and new better life, and who wouldn’t…

Ceicys said:

“They love snuggles on the couch, walks around the neighbourhood, and we recently found out Dex is a fan of balls”

“He often walks around with one in his mouth and when he first saw one, his entire personality changed and the whole body wiggled!”

Dexter and Rita had fallen straight onto their feet, with two amazing owners who thoroughly love then and the icing on the cake, a huge yard to run around in.

Losing your pet is crushing, as we all know, but then it’s the right time to open your doors to adopt and save another dog, as painful as the loss is, love will heal in time, and saving another beautiful dog will undoubtedly bring many years of joy and happiness to your life again.

Among the many benefits of owning a dog are, stroking your dog significantly reduces your stress levels, they are your best friend, always happy to see you and always there when you need them!

Not only that, nut for your children, research also shows that children who have grow up with dogs are more healthy mentally too!

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