Couple Try To Kill Their Dog Because He Was ‘Too Expensive’

We all have hard times in life, but when those times come we certainly don’t look at killing our pets, at least most of us don’t anyway, apart from this one couple…

The authorities say that the couple, who were from the New Jersey area, shot their dog using a BB gun, but in fact, they botched it!

They were trying to kill the poor doggie because they said that that he was too expensive and they could not afford to care for him anymore.

The charges against them were of animal cruelty, the couple, 26-year-old Keith Ropp, of Mount Olive, and 24-year-old Carly McBride, of Long Valley that will face these charges.

The 10-year-old border collie, called Scout, was brought, by them, to the Flanders Veterinary Clinic but they claimed that a stranger had shot the dog, poor dog!

The Vet was really suspicious about how it happened when the couple’s story really wasn’t adding up, for a start, the story and the wounds didn’t match up!

They told the vet that they were hiking in the woods when someone had shot the dog with a BB gun, they said that the person then ran off!

The documents from court describe how the couple took the dog into a wooded area in Mount Olive and shot the dog six times the BB gun in attempts to kill him, all because they said he was too expensive!

When the dog was still alive they then took him to the vet who called the police after seeing that the dog had been shot six times in total, the vet’s instincts were quite correct.

The two of them were then charged with possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, the unlawful possession of a handgun.

The police officers questioned Ropp and McBride and said that they were very disturbed by what they found out!

The police found pellets in the walled of the guy and also a BB gun that belonged to the woman.

Veterinarian, Dr. Nicholas Minervini said:

“I’m horrified. You don’t do what they did. You just don’t do that”

The court documents indicate the couple admitted that they could not afford the dog and were:

“taking him on his last walk before either putting him down or dropping him off at a shelter”

It’s said that the couple tried to find a home for him but didn’t have any luck because of Scout’s age, so they told police…

Scout is now thankfully doing really well and has been adopted by Dr. Jesse Gasparro, who happens to be a vet at the clinic, how amazing!

Dr. Gasparro said:

“He’s such a sweet dog. It’s only been a few days, but you just fall in love with him. He’s just so kind”

The clinic posted the picture of the dog and the doctor too, together, thankfully no thanks to the last owners he suffered no lasting damage and is much happier now!

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