Couple Keep Three Dogs In Pain And Suffering, The Court Makes A Ruling!

To be a dog owner its usually because we want to have a loyal pet who we can love as much as they love us, a companion… But this dog owner really didn’t get it, at all, there three dogs were so neglected that they had to be put down…

The animal rescue group called the RSPCA went to their home in December 2016 after they received a tip-off about what was happening there from concerned parties.

People had reported that animals had been abandoned at that address, when the rangers arrived there at their house they found two dogs, Milo and Chloe…

Milo, a Siberian Husky and Chloe, a Staffordshire Terrier, both of them were suffering from chronic conditions, and both in a lot of pain.

Amanda and Charles Boudville’s were the owners in the very loosest sense of the words, poor Chloe had been entangled by her neck, legs, and chest, she couldn’t get to food or water!

The third dog, Hikari, also a Siberian Husky was found at a separate house in April 2017, also seized from the couple, thankfully!

The Investigation turned up that Ms. Boudville admitted that she was aware that Hikari was in terrible pain and suffering, then after knowing that she failed to do anything about it, no vet and no treatment at all!

RSPCA chief inspector, Amanda Swift, said:

“It astounds me that the owner admitted that she knew her dog, Hikari, was in pain, yet she did nothing about it, even after seeking advice from a vet.”

“The level of neglect these dogs have been through is unthinkable, and it makes me sick to know that she was aware of this for a considerable amount of time and chose to do nothing.”

The three dogs all suffered intensely at the hands of their so-called owners, all suffering from a range of ailments, and all had severely flea bitten ears, there was hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis too!

One dog could barely walk or even straighten her legs!!

Both Chloe and Hikari had to be euthanized because they were in such a poor state and really suffering nothing else could be done for them.

Milo had treatment, but it was extensive, thankfully made a full recovery, then he was re-homed.

The Boudvilles couple appeared in the court at Joondalup Magistrates Court on Friday and they were sentenced, they received charges of animal cruelty.

Ms. Swift said: “While justice has been served, it is has come too late for Chloe and Hikari.”

“They suffered needlessly due to the reckless disregard for their welfare shown by their owners.”

“Owning a pet is a big responsibility; we know that sometimes it can be expensive, but that’s no reason to ignore your pet’s suffering.”

The couple has been fined $6000 each and banned from owning a dog for two years…The couple has also been ordered by the court to repay vet costs and court costs of more than $580 …but if us ask us never it too soon!

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