Couple Survives Massacre But Then Someone Shoots Their Comfort dog!?

Some people always seem to end up with the rough deal in life, and some more than others, this couple had the terrible misfortunes of having their dog shot, but there is a lot more to it!

They really have suffered anxiety, but in essence, they are accusing their neighbor of the shooting, sadly too there dog didn’t survive, they are very upset, this was really the final straw…

They survived an awful and devastating attack in Las Vegas where there was a mass shooting last year, so it was reported!

The news said that Lona and Joseph Johnson were present at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in October.

The gunman was also present at the festival, in a local hotel overlooking it, and he opened fire on people at the festival, what an awful experience to have, life-changing in fact.

There were 58 that perished that day and there were many more injured, so we now have a clear picture of how this couple might feel after such a thing happened to them.

Their dog, called Jax, a beautiful Labrodoodle, was fatally shot on Sunday and the neighbor allegedly said to police that he saw the dog chasing his chickens… do you believe him?

There was a report filed and it said that the chickens, according to investigators, didn’t appear to be harmed, now do you believe him?

The dog was a comfort dog, on other words he was to be a pet to help them over the traumatic events they endured as a family, we all know how therapeutic our own dogs are, right?

Especially for their two children this dog was a life saver every day, he made life normal again, as much as is possible anyway!

The two children were of course not at the concert but even so suffered the trauma of knowing their parents were there and seeing it on the news…

About Jax, Joseph Johnson said:

“He was such a blessing ..”He gave us something to look forward to. I really believe Jax was a big part of our healing.”

The family is seriously considering their options legally, but in reality, the whole affair has left them in pieces, our heart goes to the family, can you imagine what that poor family has been put through again?

Lona Johnson said:

“We’re pretty upset and hurt right now …It triggered a lot of PTSD for our family. We’re still trying to deal with what happened in Las Vegas, and then this happened. Everybody who knows us knows how important Jax was to us.”

Let’s show our support for the family, and please do share your feelings about it too…

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