Couple See Something Moving In The Trash, They Just Have To Go Back To Help!

When its cold outside a great way to bring the circulation back to the body is a little bourbon, this couple was warming up with a little Kentucky bourbon while touring the distilleries, that’s when they saw something moving in a pile of trash…

It was near Maker’s Mark factory they spotted something moving in a trash pile on the side of the road, it was completely empty apart from this movement they saw.

Katharine Kulka said:“We thought he may belong to a family on one of the nearby farms and has just escaped his fence.”

She told her story to the Humane Society (KHS) she was not sure at first if she should interfere, she wasn’t sure at first if the doggie belonged to someone.

The temperatures were only in the teens, and while they were at the distillery he was on their minds, they couldn’t stop thinking about him, they just knew they had to return to help him!


Katharine said: “He looked so lonely and cold curled up on the bag of trash.”

This doggie was really trying to keep warm, on the trash bag, catching as much sun as possible.

They returned, and as they got close to him they could really see that he was desperate to human contact, he jumped off the trash bad and came to greet them.

Katharine said:

“As soon as we reached out our hands for him to sniff, he got up off his trash bag bed and approached us …Despite looking timid, as soon as we petted his head, his tail started to wag! He was super sweet, and wanted to cuddle right on our laps.”

The doggie was really cold, you cold see his ribs, how long he had been there was anyone guess, and his last meal, well they were certainly few and far between.

They put a blanket down for him in the back seat of the car and took him with them!


Katharine said: “He was very lethargic the first 20 minutes or so, but as he started to warm up, the heat seemed to invigorate him …He sat up, looking out the windows.”

Thankfully the KHS was open even though is was the holiday period. Whiskey is what it was decided to call him and he was about to have a completely new beginning.

Andrea Blair from the KHS said:

“We don’t know if Whiskey was abandoned or was a stray …He was found on a cold day with temperatures in the teens and the wind chill in the single digits. He was not microchipped, not neutered, no tags and no collar.”

Whisky waited a short nine days at the shelter before a loving family decided he was perfect and took him home with them.


The family, with four boys embraced Whisky in his new home, he was going to have a ball playing and spending time with his lovely forever family!


Nowadays the snow outside is NOT a place where he has to endure abd fight to survive, he can look out of the window at the snow, relax and play with the boys, who he will see grow up!

KHS said: “He will never be left out in the cold or go hungry again.”

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