Couple find Out She Is Pregnant, They Are Forced To Euthanize Their Loved Dog

Picture the sweetest little puppy, with a shrivelled cute wrinkly face and humongous paws, a Viszla called Coolio. He was born in August 2015 and welcomed into the family circle. It wasn’t very long before a very sad discovery was made by the vet.

Determined to do everything for him Blake (husband) would get up every hour in the night for his toilet training, feeding him a nutritious raw diet, and he went everywhere with the family.

Coolio became part of the family, and it’s fair to say there weren’t many places that we wouldn’t take him.

That very first week they had to take him to a holistic vet based in Sydney, they thought he could have hip dysplasia and a heart murmur, which could go by itself, hopefully!

The First year Coolio and his family had so many great times together, going to see friends for BBQ’s this dog was the heart and soul, sweet and playful. Whenever he meets someone new he would find them a gift, a toy or a leaf!

Coolio was the perfect dog, an amazing companion and the trust between him and the family was golden.

He started, without any warning, to become aggressive and bossy and would not let us on the couch, the bed, and feed time was becoming dangerous.

He would bark, growl and Lunge at the family!

The couple didn’t really want to acknowledge the problem and hoped it would just go away.

When the problem didn’t go away a vet and behaviour expert were consulted.Could it be dominant behaviour, is he scared or anxious? Or could he be in pain? All of these created a completely bad situation!

Coolio, one evening in the kitchen, jumped up to the counter and got a spoon when he dropped it Blake went to see what was going on. The only thing you could hear next was one almighty scream.

Blake when to the bedroom, shut the door, and sat stunned trying to understand why Coolio had bitten him!

Luckily for Blake, he had been wearing a sturdy jacket, without the padding of that jacket, he would have been on the way to the emergency room!

There were several more incidents where Coolio had snapped at the couple, and very nearly caused great harm. He even dove aggressively at grandpa to bite him without any reason at all.

The couple shocked themselves at how long they allowed it to continue, burying their heads in the sand the problem was definitely not going away!

It’s so easy to make a judgement mistake when you love an animal, but it’s a serious mistake and things can progress so fast into danger for everyone that comes into contact with the animal.

During the couple’s holiday the dog was looked after by friends, they were experienced with big dogs and there were no incidents at all.

Again when they dog-sat the dog another time there were no problems (or so we thought) and the family thought that the problem had gone away, it was all resolved.

A few days after the couple got home that the friends told them there had been a couple of problems but she didn’t want to worry them on their honeymoon.

What does anyone do when they find out the dog they love has bitten someone? She was very clearly upset to have to tell the couple this news, this was a turning point as the dog was really becoming a danger to others too!

14 Weeks into her pregnancy, the couple had to do something.

The trainer came over and the couple planned to tackle the problem head-on, the trainer said that they should either rehome him or put him to sleep, later on, the vet also agreed!

The decision was taken, in his last few days he ate amazing foods, and had the time of his life!

Do souls live on forever? Will he come back as another animal? The couple believed that Coolie came to them for a reason and to teach them important lessons, and they were very grateful for that!

They were sadly trying to come to terms with how Coolio was not going to be with them anymore more, all the time Coolio was getting worse and had even bitten blake on the leg really badly!

On his final day the couple took him to the vet, but on the way there the couple stopped off at a park and had some little play for the very last time…

She said:

“As soon as the vet came outside to me I burst into tears. He spent time with us talking through what would happen and then took Coolio to another room to sedate him.”

“He was laying down resting his head on my hand and I bent down to kiss him and tell him how much I loved him. This was the closest I had been able to get to him in the past year without worrying about being attacked.”

“He slowly drifted off to sleep, and Blake was rubbing his ears which was his favourite and he groaned, he was loving it. His last moments were spent with the people that he loved the most and who loved him just as much.”

“Life will move on, it always does. But there will always be a part of Coolio with us everywhere we go.”

When you own a dog, it’s in the knowledge that there will be a time when you have to let go, but the couple weren’t expecting it to be that soon!

Blake said:

“In so many ways our life will now be better moving on – we don’t have to walk on eggshells around our house. I can close my computer lid without fearing he will jump out of his beanbag and potentially lunge at me.”

The couple miss him dearly every day!

Rest In Peace Coolio…

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