Couple Finds Out The Awful Truth About Dog They Saw In A Bag By The Road!

Quite scarily there is a new ‘trend’ if you call it that, not just limited to the USA but all through Europe too, people are taking to abandoning pets in a bag or case of some kind…

A couple was on their way home, Wade Shapp and his wife, Mandi, they were driving home from church at the time when they saw it…

It was a perfectly ordinary day, nothing special, but it would turn out to be a very different day than they expected it to be!

There would be something that they needed to do, something very special to the receiver of this something special and it all started when they saw something…

They saw a bag on the side of the road, and as they looked bad that was quite out of place it was moving a little, as they got closer to it a head popped up and they stopped the yanking the breaks on!

Wade said:

“We were on a country road on the way back to our house … and I looked over while I was driving, and I saw a dog’s head pop up”

The couple lives in a rural area where there are quite a lot of dags, and they pretty much have the run of the area, but this, what they saw was just not right at all!

Inside the bag itself, there was a feed bag and it didn’t take them long to confirm that the dog had been placed inside the bad intentionally…

Wade went on to say:

“You could tell that it was done intentionally. There was a rope tied around the bottom, so he didn’t have much room to move”

The couple knew what they had to do and got straight onto it, they used their car key to cut the rope on the bag and take him out, then they wrapped him in a warm coat and took him home.

The poor little dog was so scared, we can only imagine what this little dog thought or how scared he really was but the whole ordeal, but he was clearly stressed as he shook the whole way!

They decided to name him Bubba, then Wade and Mandi gave him a bath to get rid of the filth and urine, that was when Bubba started to relax and stop shaking, he realized he was now safe.

Wade said:

“I felt like that was a big trust thing. I think he knows that we saved him”

The couple had two dogs of their own, but they made sure that he was super comfortable and felt safe happy and warm.

The very next day they took him to the vet to get checked over, that’s when they also discovered the poor little dog had also been shot too, the vet thinks that the owner shot him and tied him up in the bag…

The wound for the bullet was on his inside leg so it was not obvious, but is surely was a great thing that this lovely couple found and rescued him!

Now Bubba is safe and happy and he has a home with the couple until Dallas DogRRR can find him his forever home with another loving family.

The two dogs he lives with have accepted him and they are in no rush to see him go either, he is well on the way to making a full recovery.

Wade feels like him and the dog have become quite close and Bubba love to go to work with Wade. The whole family love Bubba. He has a lovely character and the family says he will have no trouble finding a good home.

This little dog really has turned out to be a tough little doggie!

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