Everyone Cried – Couple Amazingly Reunited With Missing Pup

Just a little earlier this month this little dog ran away from her home and was in pretty big trouble too after fleeing from a rollover accident in Osborne County, Texas, just three weeks ago…

This little doggie has now been found safe and sound and we are pleased to say that the owners are on their way back to Texas with their beloved doggie!

This sweet doggie, Sable, was out mooching around for a while 20 days after the rollover accident and ever since then many people who want to help have been searching for her like crazy.

They just didn’t know if she was even alive, so when she was found it was such a relief and super emotional!

Sable’s owners, Judy, and Don Pullen said:“Unbelievable, it’s just a miracle”

Both Judy and Don say that this really is their first miracle when they walked away from the accident without being hurt, a car rolled over, wow! But then…

Since they also managed to get their beloved doggie back, when they didn’t know if she was even alive or not, that really is a miracle two-fold!

The Pullens said:

“There’s miss Sable, their baby girl. There she is”

The pup, weighing in at 20-pounds really did very well to survive the 20 days in the fields of Kansas, that’s not even mentioning the freezing temperatures too!

The Pullens said:

“We just happened to be there …We left from Central Texas to just go up there to put up more flyers.”

It was as they were putting up flyers that they got a call from the vet, a woman, and a hunter, spotted Sable…

The community helped the family and the Pullens then found their little doggie on the side of the road!

The Pullens said:

“We cried. She cried. She cried. I heard her cry”

Gladly he was safe again and back with them, he completes their whole family!

They said:

“We’re taking our little girl home!”

The family is really grateful and thankful that the family is at last complete again and they have their beloved dog back home after such an awful affair.

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