He Was Devastated When He Returned Home – Council Put To Sleep His Only Support

We know that sometimes it really is needed to euthanize an animal for humane reasons, but honestly what happened here doesn’t even come close to this…

This guy was really devastated and it all hit him hard as he returned from holiday to find out that his loved dog that supported his severe depression was put to sleep by the local authorities.

The dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Blue, was owned by David Hall, he is devastated, the dog was caught running loose and that is how this disaster started…

The wardens captured the dog, Blue after it escaped whilst on a walk with the neighbor, it really is the worst imaginable situation.

Once the dog was taken to the shelter things started to escalate and the dog was deemed aggressive, they then decided to put him to sleep, it was reported that only if “absolutely necessary”.

The Dog’s owner had to explain to his children that he had gone to ‘doggy heaven’, it really was a devastating and truly heartbreaking situation.

David, a father-of-four, said:

“Blue didn’t have a violent bone in his body. He was a softie and the most loyal dog.

“I’ve had him since he was a puppy and he loved all humans. My kids adored him and he adored my kids. He would sit there for hours with my son loving the attention. I’m heartbroken.”

David really has a bad case of depression and said that Blue is his savior and that he is the biggest help for him in his battle with mental health.

He said:

“Blue helped me to pull myself together. It made me feel happy when I walked him. I couldn’t wait to see him when I got back from my holiday.”

“He was my best friend.”

When David returned from Croatia he called the kennels, after seeing the card posted through his post box, saying they found his dog.

When he then spoke to them they said that the dog was:

“aggressive towards the residents and officers”.

So they put him to sleep!

The authorities made a statement:

“Mr. Hall’s dog was picked up by our contracted stray dog service after he was reported by a member of the public to be on a public highway.”

“Some local residents kindly kept the dog until officers were able to get to him. He was reportedly aggressive towards the residents and officers.”

“The dog had no tag, but officers scanned the dog for contact details of the owner.”

“We tried to call Mr. Hall, however, got no response, and so visited the address, and an information card was left when there was no answer.”

“Dogs who show aggression and cannot safely be adopted or rehomed are, where appropriate, put to sleep.”

“We do not take that decision lightly, and would only ever decide to put a dog to sleep if it was deemed absolutely necessary.”

“Had the kennels received information or were contacted to state that the owners were on holiday then the dog would, of course, have remained in kennels to allow the owners to come forward.”

“On returning from his holiday, the owner has contacted the Council and we have fully discussed the situation with him.”

What on this earth possesses people do not have the compassion to hold the dog and wait for the owner, this is surely the very least they could have done, don’t you think?

What do you think ?