Community Policy Banns 12 Dog Breeds From All Neighborhood!?

We all at least see a little practicality in that some apartments don’t allow large dogs, but to then ban specific dogs from neighborhood houses too, well surely that is one step too far, don’t you think?

The McConnell’s Trace Development Homeowners speak out and tell the story of how they feel completely upset because of the new policy which bans 12 different breeds of dogs…

It was announced to the residents in a letter from the housing association which stated that certain groups of dogs will be banned.

A Local expert in dogs, Rebecca Rossi, states that she is not shocked by ban’s similar to this involving apartments, but feels it’s completely now acceptable to extend this to homes too!

On the list of banned breeds are: Huskies, Great Danes, St. Bernards, German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, Pit-mixes, and Chows too!

Rebecca said:

“This could set a dangerous precedent for other communities and it is a slippery slope …When these restrictions have been put into place in communities and cities across the world actually, there hasn’t been a dramatic decrease in cases of aggression.”

It is not really clear at all what prompted the policy changes, the letter does state though that the homeowners who do own these breeds will be allowed to keep them, nevertheless, the future remains uncertain!

Social media provided an outlet for many of the angry residents, who openly voiced their feeling about the letter, it is largely believed that decisions like these are going to stop people from adopting dogs from shelters!

Trace Homeowners Josh McCurn, the president of the Association says to the news and media that the mandate originated from Anderson Communities, the neighborhood’s developer!

Josh goes on to say that it is being done in an effort to give continuity to the restrictions between the newer and older sections of the neighborhood, he also calls for concerned residents to talk to him directly and he will pass on those concerns to Anderson Communities developers.

In a weird turn of events, the Homeowner’s Association makes a statement that, in fact, no vote was taken on this policy and it really did not originate from them.

Josh says that the policy is already in effect!

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