PET SCANDAL: Cold-hearted pet owners dumping dogs in FREEZING frosts low as -8C

CRUEL pet owners are dumping puppies in the most cold-hearted way as winter temperatures plunge to way below freezing.

The unlucky young dogs are in danger of dying in the icy frosts after being thrown into gardens or abandoned on the streets for others to find.

RSPCA inspectors are carrying out three separate investigations after a spate of appalling abandonments over the last few days as thermometers hit as low as -8C.

They include:

  • A one-year-old dog that was left chained up inside a telephone box
  • A spaniel puppy thrown over a six-foot high wall into a dog-walkling field
  • Four puppies thrown over a fence into a back garden

Last year the animal welfare charity warned how summer months were witnessing the highest rate of abandonments as people discard dogs when they go on holiday, leaving pets to be rescued at the rate of one an hour.

The first weeks of January have now seen a welter of shocking cases with owners prepared to put young animals’ lives at risk by dumping them in the biting cold.

A young Staffie found chained up inside a public telephone kiosk has been named Clark; after Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent, who uses the boxes to strip into his Man of Steel costume.

Clark was found without any food or water inside the box in Quinton, Birmingham; by a shocked passerby who alerted the animal charity.

RSPCA Inspector Jonathan Ratcliffe said: “Physically, Clark is okay, however, he was understandably stressed from being abandoned.

“We have no idea where he came from as he was not microchipped; and we don’t know how long he was there for; but he is lucky as it is cold and he did not have any food or water.”

The RSPCA say a year old black and white spaniel is lucky to alive after being hurled over a wall into a dog-walking field in West Malling, Kent; and left to freeze all night.

Inspector Rosie Russon, who is investigating the abandonment, said: “This poor pup is lucky to be alive. When she was found, there was frozen solid faeces on the floor next to her, how she survived herself in such freezing conditions, I don’t know.

“It’s likely she was dumped overnight. It’s outrageous that somebody thought this was an appropriate way to dump their dog.

“Perhaps by leaving her in a popular dog walking spot they thought she would be found quickly; but nonetheless, it was an extremely cruel thing to do to this poor little dog.

“She could have sustained terrible injuries from being thrown over the fence onto a concrete ground.”

Four fluffy puppies have been named after 1950s icons Sinatra, Elvis, Jimmy Dean and Marilyn after also being thrown over a fence in cold January conditions.

The puppies are only two months old and were left to fend for themselves after being dumped in Benfleet, Essex.

RSPCA Inspector Marie Hammerton said: “How anyone could abandon them with no care for their well-being is just beyond me.

“They are so gorgeous. We called the pup with the blue eyes Sinatra because he reminded us of Ol’ Blue Eyes.

“The other three have all been named after ‘50s icons Marilyn, Jimmy Dean and Elvis Presley.”

Anyone with information about any these abandoned dogs are asked to call the RSPCA’s confidential appeal line on 0300 123 8018.

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