Barbara Streisand Explains – “Why I Cloned My Dog”!

Our modern age brings many things to us that in past days have simply just not been possible, we heard more about one of these clever innovations this week from an Oscar winner, Barbara Streisand…

Barbara had her dog cloned, and that ten led inevitably to all sorts of questions about ethics and specifically the ethics of cloning a pet!

The story was also covered by the revered New York Times and Barbara has also told her story about it too, there are pictures of her two clones looking at the grave of the dog from which they were cloned!

Barbara Streisand then goes on to Explain: – “…Why I Cloned My Dog.”

Barbara tells us her story and her sadness in the loss of her beloved dog, something we can all sympathize with…


Then we learn of the 14 years she had her dog Samantha and her discovery of the cloning process, which is growing, apparently…

She described how a friend had cloned a dog and been very pleased with the results, Sammie’s doctor took cells from the inside of his cheek and some skin from her tummy before she passed away.

They sent the samples to ViaGen Pets in Texas, there was no guarantee that the cells even take, apparently!

According to their website, the cloning labs, the initial payment that they require to get the cloning of your dog underway is $1,600 !!

Barbara also adopted a Maltipoo called Sadie and another dog from Sammie’s breeder called Funny Girl, from the cast of the same name, although she called it Fanny!

She said:

“…after the first dog, I ever owned, given to me by the cast of Funny Girl on my 22nd birthday”

So why did she go for cloning?

She said about that:

“My Sammie was curly haired and that’s why my husband initially picked her out for me as an anniversary present — she was the odd one, different, just like I felt as a little girl. One of the reasons I chose cloning was because I couldn’t find another curly-haired Coton.”

The process of cloning was successful and four pups were produced, it was very exciting, but for was a lot to handle so she has to decide what to do then!

She says that:

“(she will) …give Sadie to the manager’s assistant, and then the 13-year-old daughter of my A&R man bonded with one of the clones, so I gave them that puppy too…”

So, in the end, Barbara has three pups, called Miss Violet, Miss Scarlett, and Miss Fanny, the first two being clones!

She also says that:

“Each puppy is unique and has her own personality. You can clone the look of a dog, but you can’t clone the soul. Still, every time I look at their faces, I think of my Samantha”

So Barbara’s story is, like the amazing woman herself not always easy to understand, but it is a great explanation nonetheless…

Barbara also re-writes the song from Funny Girl – “Don’t Rain on My Parade”, maybe you can see her motivation…

I’m gonna clone and clone now,
Get what I want, a new dog,
One dog or a whole litter,
One swab, that dog will be there,
Eye on the target and WHAM,
One swab one tongue swab and BAM,
Hey Mister Arnstein, HERE’S MY CLOOONE



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