Clever Dog Suffering From Mange Finds A Cool Way To Help Herself!

A poorly doggie is a really sad thing, to see a poorly doggie, especially when they look so sad and down is just as upsetting to, but this poorly pup knew just what to do and where to go to get some help…

This poor doggie had awful mange, it was really bad, so she was very clever and took herself to the local fire station.

For the FIremen of East Cleveland Fire Department, it really did become a day to help this Pit Bull mix called Sistine.

She came into their lives and that Tuesday morning when she dropped herself in, on the fireman, they knew straight away that she was really suffering and they had to help her!.

East Cleveland Fire Dept. Lt. Mike Celiga said:“She followed one of our firefighters around for a couple hours”

“She wouldn’t leave, so they took her in.”

Sistine really did have a bad case of mange, such thickened, hard skin and it was covered in infection too.

She was in a terrible state of health, but luckily for her, the good firemen knew exactly what needed to be done, it wasn’t their first rodeo after all!

They said:

“Unfortunately no tags, no license, no collars …Sometimes they have a rope tied around their neck. It’s actually kind of sad, but it’s how it is.”

The firemen then contacted the Crossroads Animal Hospital, and Sistine was taken into their care, Dr. Kim Cooper was going to be looking after her.

The hospital said that she is a lovely 5-month-old puppy who really has a lot to give and her recovery and prognosis is actually very good!

Crossroads Animal Shelter veterinarian Samantha Siclair said:

“You see the dog that’s there, you want to say “eww, gross” and judge, but underneath all that is just this sweet beast and a sweet animal that deserves love and care and it’s just hard to understand how she could’ve gotten this way”

“It was a pretty smart move on her part but she is desperate, her poor feet are swollen, she’s got open wounds on her head. Just a little bit of love will help her tremendously.”

Once she is well enough and better she will begin to look for a forever home, she certainly got what she was looking for, this very clever pooch!

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