City Rolls Out New ‘Social Credit’ Rules For Dogs, Very Strict!

There are many solutions different countries have adopted to stop problems with dogs, but none quite like the Chinese are going to implement, this system is totally new…

Each dog will be scored and the dog owners will have points deducted from their pets if they fail to care for them, they can be forced to pay fines or even have the dog taken from them!

In fact, this credit system is already running in the Chinese city of Jinan, where it is required that all dog owners register with the police, only one dog per person is allowed!

They start the license with an even dozen points, which are embedded in a QR coded collar for the dog to wear.

They take points for things like walking a dog without a leash, causing a disturbance, not clearing up poop etc…

They the Owners of that dog have points taken from them, so two points if dogs are walked without a leash, as an example, this leash is required by law to be less than 1.5 meters in length and there must be an adult, minimum age of 18-years-old!

They certainly do not allow dogs to play in public water fountains, they are not also allowed in government buildings either.

It doesn’t stop there either, they are also banned from hospitals, parks, public squares, gyms, hotels restaurants, markets, public transport, schools, and shopping centers too.

People that keep offending can get six points or more taken off them in one single action, but they can earn points back for excellent behavior too, like being a volunteer in the local kennels.

If you are unfortunate enough to lose 12 points that the dog can be taken off them, once they take the dog from the owner they must then pass an exam to show they are responsible to get them back.

They brought in the program last year, according to the media about 1,500 dog owners were fined!

Then of these people, there were 122 that lost the full 12 points and their dogs too. Most of them passed the test and got them back though, but local police say that dog complaints have been greatly reduced.

Now the program is being rolled out across other Chinese cities too, the dog owner social credit programme is growing!

Miss Hu, 35, a consultant in Beijing, and Labrador retriever owner said:

“With proper implementation [of the system] and training, the overall quality of the dog owners will be raised”

“It can reduce the risk of my dog being attacked by other dogs that are poorly kept”

“…the number of stray dogs and unleashed dogs, and eventually the number of people bitten by such dogs [will be greatly lowered]”

In China, it’s the world’s second-highest number of reported rabies cases in the world, so this is a great concern and has been for some time now.

Nevertheless, there are millions of Chinese who are dog owners, no put off in the least bit, and we can understand that!

There is a boom in the pet care industry there too, from offering doggie spas even to pet funerals, it’s growing bigger and bigger.

Only the course of time will show more about how the system will work for them, but could you be restricted to one dog only?

What do you think ?