City Decides To Remove Newly Adopted Dog Despite Family’s Efforts To Keep Him

Update, June 29, 2016: Waterford Township has decided to go forward with its efforts to remove Diggy, newly adopted dog, from town, and from his family.

Here’s the grim note that Detroit Dog Rescue posted to Facebook on Monday: Sadly, after we fulfilled the requirements by having a Waterford Veterinarian determine Diggy’s breed as American Bulldog, it is still not good enough.

adopted dog
adopted dog

Diggy’s owners said the city is skeptical to believe veterinarians now, because they think any vet would just want Diggy to stay in a good home.
So, Waterford is sticking behind their original order and wants Diggy out of Waterford. Dan, Diggy’s owner, obtained legal representation and Detroit Dog Rescue will be there to help every step of the way. We are extremely disappointed in this decision and feel we have fulfilled every request of the city, even before Diggy’s adoption.

A hearing has been set for August 11, in Waterford’s District Court, according to The Oakland Press.

“Don’t worry, Diggy is safe at home with me and his momma,” Diggy’s dad Dan Tillery posted to Facebook. “My lawyer and I are going to do everything possible to make sure Diggy stays in his home with us, his family. Thanks for all of your support, guys. I’m not a quitter.”

Update, June 14, 2016: A veterinarian who examined Diggy says he is an American Bulldog, reports a local ABC affiliate. The hope now is that this finding will convince Waterford Township officials to let the dog stay with his family.

That’s our hope, too. We also hope that this entire incident will help show the folly of banning dogs based on how they look — or their breed — rather than based on their individual behavior.


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