This City Has Launched A Horrific Campaign To EXTERMINATE Dogs

If you think you know how messed up can this world be, then you are in for a shock First, let me give you a warning, what you are about to read about and see could be very disturbing for some people.

Remember what happened in Egypt when the Savage Government over there decided they wanted one city to be Dog-free and EXTERMINATE Dogs? They sent out the police to shoot dogs in the streets, that was how they chose to do it, and it was absolutely barbaric, even the Egyptian people were enraged and tried to stop the massacre in anyway they could.

Well, it looks like another Arab Middle-eastern city decided to top-that with something that’s far more horrific.

The Government of Morocco has launched an entire campaign in the City Ksar el-Kebir, this campaign is launched to EXTERMINATE dogs roaming free in the city.


I wish what I was telling you wasn’t true, I really do, but that’s not the case here.

The City has sent out a full-on police convoy to find, shoot and destroy any dog they can spot in the city’s streets.

They roam the street at nights in silence, they look for any dog they could find, and once they find one, they shoot it, and they shoot to kill.


Then they drag the dogs to their pick-ups and throw them, and in the video you can see how they proudly pile-them up, one shot dog after another.

They use live ammunition, and in the video you can hear the screams of the dogs while they try to run away for their lives, it’s like a scene from a horror movie, and it makes me cry my eyes out that this actually happened.


They went on like that for four days, and the Government has released no statements or even estimated figures to how many dogs have they killed over the course of this campaign, but from the video you can guess that the number is probably a huge one.

Yulin, Egypt, and now Morocco … Where is next?

It’s not a question of “If”, it’s only a question of “When” is this going to happen again in some other place in the world.

Dogs are tortured and killed every day in this horrible world, when will this ever stop? What will it take to stop this from happening again?

Is there even hope to stop this from happening again?

What do you think ?