Chunky Meatball Of A Pit Bull Has Identity Crisis, Acts Like A Big Baby

The first time I got a glimpse of the chunkmonster pit bull that is Meaty Reilly, I was completely smitten.

Those rolls, them teefs — as a lover of doofus dogs, I was totally drawn to this velvety Lumpasaurus Rex in a onesie.

Anyone who argues that dogs don’t have facial expressions just needs to take one quick look through the @loveabulllisa Instagram account to get their fill of doofy faces, courtesy of this meatball:

pit bull (4)

An expert at snuggling with his human and an experienced mentor to foster dogs, Meaty Reilly’s human first saw his silly face when Fresno Bully Rescue posted his picture to their Facebook page in hopes that someone with a thing for goofy 65-pound puppers would open their arms and home to him.

Luckily for Meaty, his human felt he was The One.

After losing her senior bully rescue three months before, Meaty’s human was ready to bring another pup into her and her fiancé’s home.

pit bull (5)

Meaty’s human says that their first few days together were anything but perfect:

I woke up to a sea of chewed shoes; he barked and yodeled at me when he wasn’t fed on time; he chased our little dogs; and he would just lay down on walks, refusing to budge any further. I won’t even mention his snoring or excessive gas. Such a gem, he was.

pit bull (6)

Thankfully, Meaty has learned how to coexist with his people and furry bro, and is now an expert foster brother!

pit bull (7)

But his favorite hobby is being a big BABY.

pit bull (8)

Toddler status, for realsies:

pit bull (9)

Not only does he lounge around like a humongous jelly roll, he’s not shy when displaying his goodies for the camera:

pit bull (10)

And normal cuddles are not enough for this spoiled goofus; he must be carried like the big ol’ baby he is.

pit bull (11)

All this attention might make any pupper forget where he comes from, but not Meaty. His silly Instagram pupdates are a reminder to humans that Bully mixes can be just as snuggly as any other breed.

His humans’ efforts to spread awareness and share his story with the world recently earned them the top prize of $25,000 to donate to Fresno Bully Rescue in a PetCo contest!

pit bull (12)

So the next time you’re looking for a good chuckle, just check out this chunkalicious pupper’s latest update:

pit bull (13)

You can make a donation to Fresno Bully Rescue or sign up to be a volunteer by visiting their website.