Chilling Moment This Guy And His Dog Are Rescued During The Storm!

A guy and his four-pawed best friend were unluckily pulled into the sea during a storm, they were swept along in the waves in the storm as it beat down on the coastline…

The guy was swept along in the water, along the Cornish coastline, then close to Mullion Harbour he was hooked out of the water with a life-saving ring when the people watching what was happening came to help him.

That night the storm destroyed everything in its path and was generating waves 30ft tall!

The guy as he was dragged from the water at the Harbour with a life ring that he was clinging onto for dear life!

rescue dog

The people who are helping him drag him to a good place to get him out of the water, I think he will be really happy to get himself and his doggie dry and on solid ground again!

Afterwards, he described the incident as exhausting and he felt like he had been run over, he said he felt ‘battered but safe’…rescue dog

His lovely doggie survived the terrible incident even though he had been washed out to the harbor at least four times before the people helping to rescue them, passers-by, pulled him in on an old fishing net they managed to find.

The two people who did the actual rescuing was someone who was taking a holiday and originally from Poole and Roo Jumunjy, a local guy!

rescue dog

Above we can see Storm Eleanor as it pounded the Cornish Coastline. Chris Hunt witnessed the whole rescue and commented.

He said:

“The man was swept off the harbor wall and thank heavens that the quick thinking of these two saved him.”

“He was in shock and after what seemed like a lifetime the dog was guided to the shore with the use of an old piece of net.”

“Thank you to both of the rescuers for braving the chance of also being swept into the sea.”

We are so pleased that both the unfortunate guy and especially his lovely dog were safe and back on dry land unharmed, best wishes to you!

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