Children’s TV Show Glorifies Throwing around A ‘Dog’ In Morning Prime Time!

Absolutely maddened parents have been furious with the BBC after a very well watched children’s TV show called ‘Children’s-BBC – Saturday Mash-Up’ aired footage of rugby stars throwing a ‘dog’ around on air.

The show first started to air in September, it included a segment with the England Rugby team, the national league team!

Jermaine McGillvary, Stefan Ratchford, and Ben Currie were all being interviewed by the TV Shows dog puppet, called Hacker, then for three minutes the rugby stars ‘accidentally’ mistook Hacker the dog puppet for a Ball.

They all took turns to throw the puppet dog around the pitch. In the second row, Ben Currie, 23, is seen grasping the dog by his head then chucking him to his teammates.

This is the dog puppet that they are throwing around.

Rugby stars threw the dog puppet all around the pitch!

Unsurprisingly a lot of parents were very concerned that it could spark copy cat, with children then trying the same thing with pets.

The puppet has a camera on his head and we also get his perspective as he flies through the air from player to player, flying all the way over to fullback Ratchford’s head, then crashing to the ground next to him.

The Show Tweeted:

“That’s one way to play @England_RL @CBBC_Hacker! Top skillz from @J_mcGillvary @ratch06 and @benocurrie #SaturdayMashUp.”

Super angry parents and viewers were deeply concerned about what this might inspire others to do!

Richard Britton said:

“I’ve complained about this. It could suggest to children that it is ok to throw around animals or treat them like toys.” … “That aside, what an incredibly dumb and pointless programme item this is. It is neither funny nor informative.”

“BBC children’s programmes treat kids as if they are stupid.”

A University lecturer, from Derby, said:

“I complained through the BBC’s own complaints system and if this is not satisfactory then I will send the complaint to Ofcom.”

“I know the dog puppet is not real, however, the premise of the piece is that it represents a real live being.” … “So when it is thrown around it could trivialize or suggest to kids that it is ok to throw small live animals like they are balls or toys.”

Julian Dean tweeted:

“I’m not sure about this @bbc @cbbc it looks a bit wrong wrong – my biggest worry is that some younger children might not understand its not a real dog and might want to try this at home with their dog? @RSPCA_official”.

Lindsey MacKenzie, a mum of two, said:

“I was making a cup of tea on Saturday morning when my seven-year-old daughter burst in crying.”

“She said three big men were hurting a dog by throwing it around like a ball. I didn’t believe her until I saw the clip for myself.”… “My first thought was, how many children with real dogs would try and replicate it.”

There were, of course, some people that thought it was funny, like…

Nicholas Mackrill, who said:

“Watching Hacker the dog getting thrown around by the England Rugby league team this morning on CBBC, worth the license fee alone, hilarious. Nearly shot off back of my treadmill”.

The BBC today defended themselves, and they made a statement to the public…

They said:

“Saturday Mash-Up is a children’s entertainment programme and we firmly believe our young viewers will see the fun in this feature and know not to copycat at home.”

I really think that regardless of what you think or how you try to justify it, the footage was in bad taste and at the very least not run by sensible adults before it was aired, am I the only one who thinks this?

What do you think ?