Child Saved by Dogs from Abusive Mom

We don’t know a lot about the source of this video. It was posted on YouTube. Is it a home dog training?

The majority of commenters on YouTube believe the video was staged by the mother as a way to train her dogs to protect her children.

I don’t know about you, but I would say the dogs passed with flying colors!

In any case this is priceless! is this some dog training?

important: Asking for a dog to be both great around kids and to keep intruders at bay is actually quite a tall order.  That is not to say that a dog can’t do both,  some  can.   But not all.

And there are serious risks in increasing guarding instincts deliberately,  especially when bringing a large dog into a family where there are small children.

Your ‘guarding’  dog may be nice enough to family members under normal circumstance,  but you have the rest of the world to consider.  Once you have your own children,  other people’s children soon come into the equation.  And a dog with guarding instincts can be a real worry and a problem  when you have frequent child visitors.

The true protective instinct of best friend – Dog!

What do you think ?