Chained To A Tree In The Neighborhood, Rescuers Documented The Whole Situation On Camera!

This injured dog was found, malnourished and in a bad way by a three people team that were there to trim the trees. In a Detroit suburban home, in a neighborhood, they knew they had to take immediate action!

The team called the ‘Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue’ and Terri Sumpter came to them with the help of Tom McPhee from World Animal Awareness Society. Tom documented the whole thing on camera!

They rescued one of the dogs, who had obvious signs of neglect and two puppies stayed at the home after the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue departed.

The video you will see below shows the ‘Detroit Pit Crew’ tackling the resident of the address about the health of the dogs!

Terri from the ‘Detroit Pit Crew’ practically begged the man to take the dogs to see a Vet after she discovered that the dogs are not only sick but sometimes aggressive with each other, but nothing was done….

Even a simple request to take off the chains from the dogs’ necks was completely ignored!

injured dog

Terri said to the owner:

“This dog can’t sit out here like this, look at his body condition”

“You take him to a vet, surrender him to animal control, or anybody so he isn’t sitting out here like this. Look at his body condition.”

The owner did say she would gladly surrender her dog, Max, after talking with Terri. Very Weak and nearly starved to death, fly bites all over and scratched by another female dog chained up in the yard, poor Max still managed to wag his tail as Terri took him into his Truck.

She said:

“Life shouldn’t be this hard for a sweet boy”

“I’m going to take you to get some good treats.”

injured dog

At the ‘Centerline Veterinary Clinic’ Max was treated and cared for, he was being got ready for being adopted into a loving home.

Terri couldn’t help but wonder, even though happy with the rescue, about the other dogs at the address and if they too would reach that same point…

She said:

“This is from poor nutrition and lack of care and being left outside in the elements. Probably since he was a puppy, just like their other puppies”

To help with an investigation and speed up the process, WA2S Films has given the footage to the Detroit police and animal rescue authorities, who will follow up from this point.

The World Animal Awareness Society’s documentary, “American Strays,” has its sights set on all dogs in need across the country!

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