Chained Up for 8 years, Doggie Finally He Gets What He Deserves!

Being in captivity is bad for any animal, but to be chained up for permanently is really unthinkable. This farm in Spain chained up a doggie, they had him on the chain his entire life, until…

He was freed by rescuers from the Animal Rescue España who both found and saved him, at last free from his chains he must have felt such a relief!

He was called Bron, and his body had deep pains from 8 years of abuse and neglect that he suffered there.

The rescuers wrote:“After many years as a guard dog and tied with a chain of punishment whose spikes had embedded in his neck, he was to be [euthanized] …So we decided to save him and since then he’s in treatment for his fears.”

The rescuers also said:“His heart has many hard scars to erase!”


After the rescue they had to be very gentle with him, give him lots of love care and above all patients, before they could touch him softly, their efforts really paid off though and he began to let people pet him!

Moving along about a month after the rescue, Bron really had progressed so well, the rescuers said that he had really begun to trust people much more now and that he is such a lovely and loving dog.


He had been with the rescue center for about a year now and has made tremendous progress. They are now looking to find a loving home for him to go to, that will give him the love and patience he will need to adapt to his new home.

Bron, we wish you the very best and hope you find your new loving home very soon!

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