Celebrity Says “I Want To Kill This C….” After Seeing This Shocking Dog Slaughter Video!

To see something so incredibly shocking is really a shock to the system, but Ricky Gervais was more than shocked, he was enraged and said that he wanted to ‘kill’ the guy who murdered the dog with the large bladed meat knife!

The British comedian tweeted the link to the video, showing the killer thought to be somewhere in China, cutting up the animal while he was alive, this poor dog must have been terrified!

Ricky tweeted about how he might possibly be breaking some twitter rules but that he really felt so angry about what he was seeing that he wanted to kill the ‘c**t’ that did this to the dog.

Ricky then went on to say, quite sincerely, he apologizes for posting videos of animal cruelty, truly, that they really break his heart, but in many cases.

He hopes that the scum who did it can then be recognized and brought to justice and save more dogs in the process!


The deeply disturbing video shows the man walking to the dog holding a large heavy knife used for cutting meat, then he repeatedly cuts and slashes with the knife, I can barely bring myself to even contemplate thinking about it, it’s so truly awful!

The poor dog is tied to a post with a very short leash, he desperately tries to jump around to get out of the way, but the poor animal has nowhere to go, you can see he is terrified…

The video is about 30 seconds but the awful act this guy commits is to kill and behead the dog, will remain long after!

The video itself is being spread far and wide in desperate attempt to identify the guy attacking and killing the dog, he is obviously deeply involved in the dog meat trade in China.


Ricky has long been a campaigner against the ill-treatment of dogs in Asia, he loves dogs and will relentlessly campaign to save dogs.

His previous appeals on Social Media has saved countless numbers of animals, not only that, he has helped in campaigns to track down people who are committing these acts of cruelty too!

He openly speaks out against the dog meat festivals in China that happen each year, he refers to them as the annual:

“Dog Torture Festival.”

There are many dogs snatched off the streets in Thailand, destined to be slaughtered and served up in dog meat restaurants in Vietnam.


Ricky supports many different charities, a lot of them are animal charities too, one of those is All Dogs Matter…. what a great agenda, we hope he really keeps it up.

We also hope that the poor doggie that suffered such an awful death may rest in peace and that the guy is caught and brought to justice!!!

Please SHARE and hope that someone recognizes him, so he can be brought to justice too!

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