Guy Dumps Badly Injured Dog At Strangers Caught On Video

Some people really have huge hearts, for people and most importantly for dogs, equally there are just a few that seem to have no heart at all, hardly, this one owner is the latter, he dumps a dog with a badly broken leg on a stranger’s doorstep.

The awful image you can see is of a guy with a cap knocking on the door with the dog before he disappears off as fast as he can!

The hole owners were equally as shocked as we are right now, they found the white lurcher with a broken bone poking out of his skin, the poor dog!

It was very late at night and it seemed pretty much a foregone conclusion that the dog had been used for hare coursing, which is very illegal indeed!

The dog they called Snow White, how lovely, is in a difficult position as the vets say that there is the very smallest of chance that the dog will survive with all his legs.

The rescue association, called the RSPCA, publicly released the CCTV footage of the guy who dumped the dog, they still hope to identify him and bring him to justice!

It all happened outside the door of a house in Flamstead, Hertfordshire in the UK at about 11 pm in the evening on Friday 7th September…

The RSPCA inspector, called Phil Norman, took the dog away from the house where it happened and was at least happy there the incident was captured on video!

He said:

“They found the dog left on their doorstep and witnessed a car leaving the scene …The dog was very frightened and had a nasty open fracture to one of her rear legs.”

“When the caller looked back over her CCTV she realized she had captured the moment a man heartlessly abandoned the dog on the doorstep.”

“The man can be seen walking up the drive with the dog, onto the doorstep, and then turning around to leave the dog behind”

“He appears to be dressed in dark clothes with white trainers and a white baseball cap on …I’d appeal to anyone who recognizes him or the dog to get in touch with us.”

This lovely dog, Snow White, is now thankfully recovering in the RSPCA’s Animal Hospital in Putney in London, we hope he recovers very well!

The manager says, at the animal hospital, that the dog really is in the best place with them, but they are still worried that she may still yet lose her leg, they hope for the best…

She said:

“Snow White has a nasty open fracture to her hind leg and the bone is sticking out, it’s awful.”

“We’re hoping to save the leg by repairing the break with a metal plate but we’re concerned about the infection so it’s touch and go at the moment as to whether she may need an amputation.”

“She’s been on painkillers while x-rays and tests are carried out.”

“Snow White’s such a sweet, gentle, friendly dog and it’s heartbreaking to think someone could coldly dump her in the middle of the night in such a state. Thankfully, she’s safe now and is in the best place. “

“We’ll make sure she gets lots of TLC until she’s back on her paws and then we’ll find her the perfect home.”

If you recognize this guy then please do call the RSPCA and tell them, if not then spread the word and let’s hope that someone else recognizes him!!

What do you think ?