Cruel owner caught on video abusing his puppy avoids jail

A man has been banned from keeping all animals for five years after he was caught on camera brutally beating his pet Alsatian following an RSPCA prosecution.

The harrowing footage shows Dariusz Jakimowicz, 34, repeatedly punching his German Shepherd dog Zeus in the body and the face.

Captured by his neighbour on her mobile phone from her bedroom window, Jakimowicz can be seen coaxing the dog, German shepherd, out of his kennel before hitting the abused pooch while he cowers in front of a large hole in a garden fence.

The dad-of-two appeared at Luton Magistrates’ Court Tuesday, when he admitted causing unnecessary suffering to Zeus; by inflicting physical abuse and blunt force trauma.

Magistrates gave Jakimowicz a 12 week custodial sentence, which was suspended for 12 months, and 100 hours of unpaid work; in addition to his five year animal ban. He must also pay £626.80 in costs.

The court heard that Jakimowicz was witnessed punching Zeus at least 10 times in the body; and face on one occasion in August last year.

RSPCA inspector Mel Fisher said: “He was punching Zeus so hard that he was shaking and rubbing his fist afterwards because it hurt his hand. He admitted in interview that he did this because he lost his temper.

“Thankfully Zeus wasn’t left with any long-lasting injuries from this incident.

“Additionally, he was using a pinch collar to walk Zeus, which is a horrific medieval-looking training device which pinches the dog’s skin when they pull on the lead. Wearing this collar would have caused Zeus pain while walking. It is certainly not a training method which is recommended.”

Zeus, now aged one, is currently in the RSPCA’s care.

Inspector Fisher said: “Zeus was only a few months old when he came into our care. He has had a horrible start to his life, but he is now thriving. He is a beautiful dog – he is the Brad Pitt of the German Shepherd world.”

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