Dog Left Tied Outside Coffee Shop Died, Case Against Owner Dropped!

The case against a man, from Coweta County, has been squashed, the prosecutors have dropped the case and he is free to go…

The man was accused of tying up his dog outside a Newnan Coffee shop and leaving him there to die, the poor dog, a 4-year-old Spaniel mix called Beauty, is no longer with us!

However, even though Jon Schuck, 70-years-old was arrested on charges of animal cruelty shortly after his dog was found dead outside the coffee shop, his owner was inside at the time!

The police thought at first that the heat paid a role in the death of the dog and according to the police report, it was 85 degrees outside on the day it happened.

Then it was revealed by prosecutors that the owner left her with a bowl of water with some food under what was a shaded area just close the shop’s entrance.

More than a few people noticed that the dog, Beauty, was there, and in fact, one witness told the police that he notified Schuck when he saw the dog was obviously having trouble breathing, and so it was not after all such a simple case!

Coweta County District Attorney Herb Cranford said:

“The District Attorney’s Office has concluded there is insufficient evidence to proceed on either misdemeanor or felony cruelty to animals (charges), as newly obtained evidence shows that his dog, Beauty, passed away that day of natural causes related to lymphoma and sepsis, rather than as a result of any neglect or mistreatment.”

As it happens Schuck very well knew that his doggie had cancer when he adopted her, he really hoped that she would recover.

Officials said they had not been together at all long when he took Beauty for a walk in downtown Newton, she collapsed before they made it to Leaf and Bean, and Schuck carried her the rest of the way.

Schuck posted pictures to Facebook of their outings, there were photos of her next to her food and water, lay on a blanket…

The pictures were captioned:

“Campin’ out at L&B with Beauty”

“The nicest barista’s [sic] ever takin’ care of this dog just adopted to save her life, as she has a rare form of cancer … With the Lord’s help, we will see it through for her.”

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